Companionship Beyond Life


Your pets deserve the best because they are FAMILY

Find quality urns and memorials for your pets's funeral experience at cawfypaws

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CawfyPaws LLC is founded on the belief that companionship is for life and beyond. 

The future of CawfyPaws is a complete service and location for people who lost their dearest companion. Our packages not only provide funeral services that are modern and carefully customized to represent the precious time and experience pet owners had with their beloved pets, but we also offer them a space and a community where they enjoy a life beyond life with their companion, a place they can frequently visit, have a cup of coffee, build memorials and reminisce with other pet owners who experience the same lost.

Our Vision

Companionship beyond life


Our Promise

We will provide the best care for you and your deceased companions


For Our Customers

We are your one stop shop for location, community, service for companions in the afterlife


Our Values

Compassion: Always put ourselves in the pet owner’s shoes

Respect: Respect for people and their companion

Excellence: Be accountable and continuously improve

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Indiana, USA


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